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  • What do you put in your cider?
    100% Jersey Apples - nothing else.
  • Are you organic?
    Not certified but we don’t use any chemicals at all on the orchards we harvest.
  • Do you make your cider traditionally?
    We make a tradition French style Cidre Bouchee on a press which is over 100 years old.
  • Can you serve other spirits / wines at your events?
    Absolutely! We are very versatile and will accommodate our clients’ wishes in every way, if at all possible and practical.
  • Where is your meat from? Is it free-range?
    The meat for our sausages comes from Dingley Dell in Suffolk and we are sourcing lamb, chicken and beef from other specific farms. We insist on the highest welfare standards and are talking to lots of suppliers to ensure that we get absolutely the best meat. It is extremely important to us to know the provenance of the meat and fish we serve.
  • Do you make the sausages you sell yourself?
    Yes we do! After much trial and error, we honed our own unique recipe and have been making the sausages to that recipe for a number of years now.
  • Do you sell seafood?
    Yes, lots! We cook local hand dived scallops, Moules Bouchot (when in season - when not, Irish moules) and King Prawns on The Boat at public events but if you want we can also do Jersey oysters and Jersey lobster, squid etc. for your private or corporate event.
  • Do you cater for food allergies?
    Our sausages do not contain any rusk so are suitable for those with a Gluten intolerance. However, they are served in an area containing bread so we cannot guarantee that they are completely gluten free.
  • What food standards do you abide by?
    We have a 5 star Eat Safe Jersey rating, are members of Genuine Jersey (our cider and spirits carry the GJ Mark) and are members of the J.O.C.A. We are also members of Red Tractor and LEAF
  • At events, do you need power? "
    Preferably but we have out own generators to use if necessary.
  • Do you have public liability?
    Yes, £2 million PL insurancePL Insurance is £2.5m
  • Where can you find us?
    In St Ouen - Jersey (the original Channel Island)!
  • Where can I buy your cider & spirits?
    Corkscrew in the market, various farm shops and the cider is available in all three branches of Waitrose and Grande Marche in Town.
  • Can I order online?
    Please email me if you would like to buy direct. Online facilities coming soon!
  • Can I join your team?
    Yes! We are always looking for like minded people who would like to join the outside catering team!
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