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Genuine Jersey

La Robeline Ciders Des cidres dé mêtchi Grée en Jèrri

Sold through our website shop, our Cider Shack, at select pubs, most farm shops and major supermarkets Island-wide. 

1st Prize International Cider Class - Bath & West Show 2009. Runner Up International Cider Class - Bath & West Show 2007. 2 Stars - Great Taste Awards 2015.

Genuine Jersey Craft Cider Des cidres dé mêtchi Grée en Jèrri
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Available in 75cl bottles, cases of 6 bottles, 3 or 5, 10 or 20L “Bag in boxes” and 50L kegs..

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La Robeline Cidre dé Jèrri (medium and dry) is made from cider apples grown in orchards around the Jersey countryside.  Nothing is added to the apple juice which is fermented on the natural yeasts found on the apples. It is a traditional “Cidre Boucheé”  -  a slightly sparkling, Normandy style cider and the fizz is obtained through the secondary fermentation in the bottle.  ​


Our special Cidre dé Jèrri cider is unique in the Channel Islands, being made in the French tradition and on authentic, restored equipment - the cider press is over 100 years old! 


All of our apples are sourced locally. Each year we plant more orchards with varieties of apples closest to the local cider apples which would have been grown in the Island at the height of cider production and export in the 1800’s. 


Each batch of cider is different and the flavour and character of the cider is dependent on the varieties and “terroir” of the individual orchards.  The art is in the blending of the apple varieties when the orchards are planted! 


Our medium “Cidre dé Jèrri” won 2 Gold Stars at the 2015 Great Taste Awards – a great commendation for our Cider Maker, Mr Richard Matlock.  Some of the cider is distilled and matured in oak barrels and our “L’Esprit d’Jérri” is smooth and very appl-y, a perfect disgestif.  

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