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Artisan Distillery 

La distîl'lie artisannale

Some of the cider we produce is traditionally distilled in Sylvie, our 1950 Parisienne Mobile Column Still to produce our Eau de Vie dé Jèrri, L’Esprit d'Jèrri & Le Pommîn; all display very smooth and complex flavours.

Eau de Vie dé Jèrri

Available in 50cl bottles

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Our Eau de Vie dé Jèrri, is an un-aged, Schnapps style liquor which is the Calva as it comes off the still, prior to the ageing process.


It is cut to 40% with distilled water and is a fiery yet appl-y little shot for the brave or makes a gorgeous long drink mixed with a good quality tonic (and also excellent used in your cooking!) 

L'Esprit D'Jèrri

Available in 70cl bottles

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The majority of the spirit is put into oak barrels to mature for a minimum of 3 years allowing the liquid to take on the gorgeous hue of the oak and to mature into a sweet, appl-y Calva.  


The Vieux is 5 years old and the Prestige is 10+ years old with more complex flavours.  Both are a perfect digestif!

Le Pommîn

Available in 70cl bottles

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Recently launched, “Le Pommîn” is akin to the Normandy “Pommeau” and is made in the Autumn by mixing the Vieux apple brandy with apple juice straight off the press.  


Aged in oak for 30 months, this delicious “apple sherry” is perfect as an aperitif or served with cheese and apple desserts.


Sweet and very appl-y, it is the perfect addition to our range. 

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